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Summer is a time of spending time outdoors and enjoying the company of friends and family. It's also the perfect time to update your home décor. With just a little bit of paint or a few accessories here and there, you can make your home a summertime paradise. Here are 14 trends in summer decorating to inspire a fresh look for your home.


1.- Light Gray and Yellow

Light gray is the hottest color in home decorating right now, and yellow pairs beautifully as an accent color. Use this combination on an accent wall in your living room, or choose light gray and yellow throw pillows to bring some life to your sofa and chairs. These colors can be used in any room.


2.- Copper

 Copper is a great metal for fixtures. It boasts a gorgeous color and has an old-world feel as well. One quick and easy way to update your space is to change your drawer pulls to something in copper. You can also choose copper for lighting and for other fixtures around your home.


3.- Terracotta Floors

 If you are ready to redo your floors, think about terracotta. This lovely color goes with almost everything and will really brighten up your space. Additionally, it gives your room a natural vibe that is on-trend right now.


4.- Butterflies

Lovely, colorful butterflies are the motif of the moment. You can add some to your space by hanging 3D butterflies on the walls or choosing a sofa throw or accent pillows with a butterfly print.


5.- Dark Walls

 Traditional decorating advice is to paint your walls a light color because it makes your room look bigger and brighter. This year, however, dark walls are popular. While it may make a room appear smaller, painting walls a dark shade can create an intimate, cozy feeling as well.


6.- Lights Outside

 Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors. Dress up your patio or another outside area with lights. White lights are always a great choice, but you could use colored lights or themed lights, like strings of chili peppers or pineapples, as well. Have fun with creating a space you will enjoy.


7.- Braided Light Fixtures

 Make a statement with your light fixtures by choosing pendant lights that hang from a braid. This look will draw attention and add some drama to your space. Try it in the kitchen or dining room.


8.- Bright Florals

 Bright colors always go well with spring and summer weather, and floral prints mimic what is naturally happening outside. Pick a gorgeous, happy flower pattern for accents around your home. It will keep you smiling throughout the summer months.


9.- Diamond Flooring

 This trend comes from the grand millennial style of decorating which focuses on modernizing décor your grandmother might have used. Diamond patterned flooring, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, was once very popular. Now it's back again. It's usually done in black and white, although you can use colors if you like. The pattern is neutral enough to go with anything, but it's still interesting as well.


10.- Ocean Colors

 Bring the ocean into your home with colors that remind you of waves and water. Teals and blues are popular colors for decorating this season. Add accents like photographs of the water or prints with a sailboat motif to bring the concept full circle. 


11.- Blush

 Blush is a color that has been on-trend in decorating and fashion for a couple of summers now. This new neutral makes a space more feminine than a simple beige or white, but it's just as easy to work with. Blush is a pale pink, or can even be white or ivory with a subtle pink hue.


12.- Plants

 Indoor plants are a huge trend in interior décor, so find some for your home. Succulents are still popular and look great on a window sill. You can also get large plants that grow in containers on the floor, or hang greenery from your walls and ceilings. Some decorators are even creating focal points by hanging planters on walls over a sofa or other large area. Just don't forget to water them.


13.- Animal Prints

 Animal prints remain a decorating staple this year, with most people gravitating toward zebra or giraffe rather than leopard or cheetah. Find the animal print you most enjoy, and add it with accents in your home.


14.- Statement Headboards

 If you don't have a headboard on your bed, now is the time to get one. Statement heardboards are big right now, both in bring on-trend and in size. Choose a headboard that is large and eye-catching. It can be wooden like a barn door design, it can be covered in fabric, or it can be made of some other kind of material. The important thing is that it cannot be ignored.


Summer is the perfect time to update your home and try some new accents and styles that bring you joy. Get inspired with these fantastic decorating trends, and use them as a basis to find your own unique style.


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