4 DIY Halloween Costumes For Children - Customized Deco

Halloween is fun for children. They trick-or-treat and dress up in cute or scary costumes, amazing those handing out treats. It is a dress up party like none other and kids look forward to the day. Unfortunately, parents do not often look forward to Halloween, if only because of the expense of it. 

Costumes quickly become pricey. Thankfully, though, there are some easy to make, inexpensive costume ideas that can be made at home. They are perfect ideas for those that do not like to sew. Plus, kids can participate in the creation of these costumes. Remember, these are just four ideas. Many more can be constructed through inspiration from these.


1. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Find a piece of red-checkered fabric, about a yard in length and 45 inches wide. Turn it into a poncho by cutting a hole in the center of it. Next, cut some white yarn into spaghetti-length pieces. Using a hot glue gun, drape the yarn around a sturdy paper plate the way that spaghetti would sit on it. After that, paint about 8 small styrofoam balls brown. Let them dry before gluing them to the spaghetti. Perhaps place a few balls on the tablecloth as well. Also, a sauce pan can be worn as a hat on the head. Simply tie some of the white yarn to the pot and then around the chin in order to hold the pan on. Red acrylic paint can be used to simulate spaghetti sauce. Put some of it on the noodles and on the side of the pan. Lastly, glue the plate to the front of the table cloth poncho.


2. Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

This costume is among the easiest to make. Get some black posterboard. Trace outlines of cats and dogs onto it. Cut the outlines out and then glue them to a clear plastic umbrella. Have the child wear a rain coat with rain boots while carrying around the umbrella. 


3. A Lego

Locate a rectangular shaped box. Use tape to secure the top flaps of the box. Next, cut a round hole on one of the short ends of the box for the head to fit through. Cut the other short end completely out. This is where the legs will go. Use a dinner plate to trace circles on the sides of the box for arm holes, then cut them out. After that is complete, lay the box flat on its back so that eight circular craft boxes (without their lids) can be glued to the top of the main box, bottoms up. Make two vertical lines consisting of four craft boxes each, such as a Lego brick looks. Craft boxes can be found easily online or at a craft store and measure 2"H x 4"D. Let the glue dry before painting the entire boxed costume. When the paint dries, the child can wear the same color pants and long sleeve shirt as the painted box.


4. X-Ray Machine

Use a box that fits the child comfortably. If the flaps are located on the top and bottom, cut off the bottom flaps and tape down the top ones. Do not forget to cut a circle in the top flaps for the head to go through. Next, cut holes in the sides for the arms to go through. Paint the entire box black. After the black paint dries, paint a gray screen on the front of the box. Let the gray paint dry. It can then be framed with a white, navy, or silver border, if desired. Using white paint, paint a partial skeleton onto the screened portion. It would be from about the neck down to the pelvis to represent the part of the body inside the box. Also, if desired, silly objects can be painted in the stomach vicinity to appear as if they have been swallowed. Just above the screen, glue bottle cap lids in a horizontal row to be labeled as on/off and high/low switches.

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