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 Holiday music has been playing since Halloween and the leftover pie and turkey are finished, which means it's time to start decking the halls. Holiday decorating is fun and festive, but the season is also a time to get creative. The tree isn't the only place to use ornaments. There are other uses for Christmas ornaments inside and outside the house that make for colorful and stylish holiday decorations. So, have a ball and explore these creative ways to display ornaments!


1. Wonderful Wreaths


Christmas Wreath

Nothing says holidays more than a wreath, whether it's on the front door or over the mantle. Evergreen wreaths are fabulous and they smell marvelous, but if you prefer one that doesn't leave a trail of pine needles or trigger the allergies, think Christmas balls. A Christmas ball wreath is delightfully chic and can really add a bit of seasonal sparkle. Making one is actually a pretty simple do-it-yourself project and puts those errand holiday ornaments to work.

Take a foam wreath and spray paint it the holiday color of your choice. After it dries, use hot glue to secure the Christmas balls. Larger ones should go on first, especially along the middle and outside of the wreath. Use smaller balls to fill in the spaces.


2. Sensational Stairwells

Decorating with Christmas balls can give any area a splash of holiday spirit. Even a stairwell can be easily turned into a holiday wonderland courtesy of some strategically placed ornaments and ribbon. Cut pieces of thin ribbon into different lengths. Tie one end of a piece of ribbon around the ornament's hook and the other on the banister. Vary the lengths, dotting the stairwell as you go with ornaments. Wrap up the look by placing a small tree on a tabletop. Style the tree with homemade decorative balls and ornaments that the kids have made over the years.


3. Gorgeous Garlands


5 Creative Christmas Decorating Tips

Hanging an ornamental garland along the mantle or fireplace or dressing up a cabinet is a jolly way of spreading the merry with style into a living or dining room. A garland fashioned from Christmas balls is a more sophisticated garland than the traditional tinsel kind. This is another fairly simple and inexpensive DIY project. Head to the hardware store and cut a piece of brass chain to the desired length. Then, put the chain in place using brads. Once it's in place, just hang the ornaments from the chain using hooks like you would on a tree. Add springs of holly leaves to cover up the chain.


4. Have a Ball 

Christmas Balls

Christmas balls are show stoppers regardless of where you put them. They instantly add sparkle wherever they are. Try these fun, creative decorative ideas with Christmas balls to spread the cheer into every room in the house.

  • Dress up the mantle by placing Christmas balls all along it
  • Hang ornaments by their hooks along the rim of outside planters or indoor plant pots
  • Fill up a glass bowl with ornaments and place it on the coffee or dining room table for a joyful centerpiece. Arrange them in a tree shape or go for an eclectic look. For a really eye-catching centerpiece, fill a large punch bowl with a mix of different size and colored Christmas balls.
  • Top off empty vases with vintage Christmas balls
  • Put small ornaments in a basket and place it on the bathroom vanity
  • Tie holiday ribbon around the back of each dining room or kitchen chair. Then, hang a Christmas ball in the middle
  • Make your own holiday napkin holder by tying ribbon around the napkin and topping it with a small ornament in the center. You can even make it a place card if you're hosting by adding a name card
  • Give chandeliers and hanging light fixtures a taste of the holiday spirit by attaching ornaments using different length ribbon
  • Add some holiday swagger to mirrors by dotting a ribbon swag with ornaments. Cut thick holiday ribbon to a desired length and drape it over the top of the mirror. Hang an ornament in the center flanked by a small one on each side, depending on the size of the mirror.
  • Fill up vacant window boxes with Christmas balls


Decorating with Christmas ornaments is a merry way to spread the holiday cheer throughout the house. They are easy to display and instantly inject holiday sparkle and style into a room. Christmas ornaments aren't just for the tree anymore, though they look awesome there too.

By Liza D.

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