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 We've all seen those pictures of neatly decorated homes, and most of them seem to include plants. It is easy, however, to fall into the pitfall of simply picking any plant that looks good, until it inevitably dies because it wasn't made for that environment. For this reason, it is important to pick a plant that is suitable for indoor life, though be warned: some of them will still require some form of sunlight, even if indirectly.

  • Dracaena


6 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

This plant thrives in filtered sunlight, which means it is a great fit for living rooms, especially near windows that have semi-transparent/sheer curtains. In regards to watering, they aren't very demanding, but the soil must be kept moist. Thankfully, it is easy to know if they're being watered too much, as their leaves will become yellowish or droopy.


  • Orchid


Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

Despite their delicate appearance, orchids require little upkeep. Coming in a variety of colors, there will certainly be a place for one in your home. Indirect sunlight is something they enjoy. It is important to stake them up for support, as their stem is rather fragile.


  • Ming Aralia


This one can get rather large if you allow it, but is nonetheless a great fit for bright rooms where it can receive, at the very least, indirect sunlight. Once again, it is a good idea to stake up this plant, as it tends to grow rather tall whilst having thin stems. With careful upkeep, they even make for great-looking bonsai that will certainly take your room's aesthetics to the next level.


  • Cylindrical Snake Plant


Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

Most people are familiar with the regular snake plant, but this variant is pretty in its own way - if you have three of them, they can even be braided, which is guaranteed to leave your guests curious and surprised. Their size will depend on their pot, and caring for them is not much different than the regular snake plants. Low light or diffuse light works well with them, and they are very sturdy, not requiring much watering.


  • Cacti


6 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants


Now, this is not a surprise, as cacti are well-known for requiring very little watering and general care and come in many different shapes, as well as adapting to pots of all sizes, which makes them appealing to pretty much everyone. The trick is that they need plenty of sunlight, so if the idea is to keep them indoors, they must remain close to windows that get the sun.


  • Peace Lily


6 Low Maintenance Plant

Beautiful and easy to care for, these are without a doubt one of the most commonly chosen plants for indoor growth. They can thrive on low to medium light, but if you want them to flower, they should be placed in rooms with more light. As for watering, they do not require much of it: Just make sure to check if the soil isn't dry, at least once a week.


There are, without a doubt, many other indoor plants beyond those listed here, though the ones above are enough to bring plenty of aesthetical diversity to your abode while still being rather easy to maintain. Should you spot any abnormalities in your plant, make sure to try and find out what may be the cause, and adjust your care accordingly! Sometimes, certain rooms do not receive as much sunlight as we believe; sometimes, the opposite is also true. In that case, an easy solution is to simply swap two plants to better fit their respective sunlight necessities. Even though their upkeep might be relatively simple, they are still living creatures that require care and commitment!


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