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(Customizeddeco) Every mother wants the best for her bundle of joy, wide-eyed to the wonders of the world – a world that begins mainly in the nursery of the home, where the primary senses of development are sight and touch. 


Ease your baby delicately into life, and into luxurious softness and enchanting sights.  Watch your baby graduate with smiles from an oval crib with a round mobile to soft bins full of surprises.  Enjoy the progress of your baby as he or she takes the first steps toward a growth chart of lollipops or cowboys.  Let your baby marvel in the designs of dresser knobs, the texture of lace-lined pillows and the engaging tall tales of wall murals.  Let your baby’s world be an experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

 Color it subtle, layer it soft, and lavish it with love.


Yes, color it subtle.  You need not feel guilty about keeping in mind the style or color theme of your entire home as you plan the nursery.  It is a part of your home, so it’s fine if it looks that way.  Don’t hesitate to prep the walls with a pastel yellow (your baby will not be an insomniac as a result), but do balance pastel yellow with cool blue or relaxing pink accessories, wall letters and other décor essentials.  Scatter a splash of aquamarine, flowers, bears or birds.  Your baby will love whatever you choose.  White is a subtle suggestion of clouds, and beige is a sandy beach.  Browns can superbly balance the mood with a touch of sophistication.  The atmosphere is as flexible as the mother’s personality.


Secondly, layer it soft.  Plush area rugs and wall letters, stuffed furry friends, cotton on cotton:  This is the treatment that your baby’s delicate sense of touch deserves this early in life, and it’s natural.  Natural feels good, looks fresher, and is often more washable, so soften the surroundings and swaddle your baby in comfort.


Thirdly, lavish it with love.  A framed picture of the grandparents or the family pet is always trendy (in a timeless sort of way).  A rocking chair with an elegant throw near the window, a shelf of nursery rhymes:  These say “welcome” and “I love you” like the smell of fresh-baked cookies.  Welcome your little one with a warm and charming nursery and the rewards will be well worth the investment.


Speaking of investment, always keep in mind:  There is nothing too fine, there is nothing too perfect for your perfect baby, so indulge and enjoy! 


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