Baby Nursery Decor Themes for the New Mommy - Customized Deco

By: Candice Pardue

When your first baby's on the way, tasks can seem overwhelming.  Between doctor visits, shopping for new maternity clothes, learning to eat properly for baby's nutrition, planning how you will care for your baby and training to be a mommy, you barely have time for anything else.  Like any new mother, you want to welcome your new baby to a nursery of delight.  How can you do this?  You can create the baby nursery of your dreams with the simple nursery decor ideas below.  After all, a baby's nursery is his or her first comfort zone.  You want it to be the best it can be.  Use the decor tips below to design a beautiful, practical nursery.


What Goes in a Baby's Nursery?

There are many items you can use to decorate your baby's nursery.  Here's a list of some of the most popular components of a baby's room.


*Baby's Crib
*Paint (paint the room a color that enhances your decor theme)
*Blankets, crib pads and sheets
*Chest of Drawers
*Hope Chest
*Baby Swing
*Toys and Stuffed Animals
*Baby Lamps
*Light Switch Plates or Covers
*Diaper Basket
*Decorative Wall Pictures and Wall Border
*Window Dressings
*Theme Floor Rugs


You're probably thinking that there are many items to buy!  Don't be alarmed.  Many of these items can be found at thrift shops or packaged together at discounted prices. You can also shop online for some of your nursery items if you're pressed for time.

Decorate for the Long Term

One thing to remember is that your baby will not be a baby for long.  He or she will grow quickly, and before you realize it, will be walking and talking.  This is something to take into consideration while planning your nursery decor.  Develop a theme you'll be able to keep at least through the toddler years and maybe even until your child is six or seven years old.  Try to avoid themes that will only work for a newborn baby if possible.  This will save money and time later on.

 Themes to Consider

Below are some different types of themes for baby nursery decor to get your wheels turning:

 Character Themes 

Many babies are welcomed into this world with some of mom's favorite cartoon characters. Whether it's Winnie the Pooh(TM), Mickey Mouse(TM) or any other character, there are hundreds of decor items to choose from.  Disney(TM) releases many products that cater to baby rooms, such as children's lamps and light switch covers, toys, building blocks, etc.  

Animal Themes

 Animal themes are also a favorite for many moms.  You can choose any animal (or a group of animals) and build a decor with colors and photos of the animals.  Blankets, rugs, lamps, curtains, etc. can have animal designs on them.  Keep in mind that not all animal themes are available on the decor market.  You'll have to see what's available, and go from there.

Color Themes

Another way to create a nursery theme is to use your favorite colors.  Perhaps you want to create a certain mood in your baby's room.  Earth tones and pastels will give the room a soothing, serene look and feel.  Bright blues, pinks and reds add a playful tone to a room.  Whatever mood you'd like to create can be accomplished with certain colors.

Nature Themes

 Nature themes are another option. Build an underwater wonderland for your baby with fish and ocean scenes, and colors to match.  Create an imaginary forest with jungle scenes of trees, wild animals, etc.  Build a farm theme with barns, farm animals, grass and fields.  As your baby begins to walk and talk, he'll feel like an explorer in his own room!

Fruits, Flowers and Gardens

 Other popular themes are created using floral patterns, colorful fruits and garden themes.  Babies are amazed at the colors and textures of these items when their eyesight becomes focused.  These are simple, but decorative themes that can be used for several years as your baby grows.


No matter what your baby nursery theme, you can use simple decor items to enhance the room and create a room of wonder for your baby!

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