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There is no more beautiful act than giving that comes from the heart: it represents a manifestation of respect, gratitude, and esteem towards others. We usually give gifts to others on special occasions, such as a birthday, weddings, or graduation, or certain religious holidays, such as Christmas. We are very satisfied and content when we see that our gift has been appreciated because it was able to make someone smile or make someone feel special.Think, for example, of the happy faces of children on Christmas morning as they unwrap the gift they have received with utmost curiosity.

Furthermore, the act of giving has become so trivialized in recent times. Not only because some find giving to be convenient since they are only giving out a minute portion of their possessionand they do not feel the impact of what they gave out but also because they consider what they are giving out to be inconsequential in their daily life. They consider the gift an insignificant object, even though the receiver counts it as a big deal.

Talking of a big deal. This guide is one hell of a big deal that gets you out of the rot and anxiety of not knowing what to give. It will take you through the step-by-step process as you go from idea to packaging and actually delivering the gift in a memorable way. You might be overwhelmed or lost in thought of what exactly you can give that special person. This guide will take you by hand, walk you through the process, and make it as easy as possible.


Your Roadmap to Giving Great Gifts

  • Psychology Behind Gift Giving

No doubt, anxiety and stress are associated with picking the right gift for your loved ones. You don’t want to pick just any kind of gift. Because, let’s face it, no matter how happy the recipient might be about receiving something from you, there is always a bit of an undertone of disappointment that comes with an unthoughtful and undesirable gift. So, it’s no secret that a thoughtless gift can have the same effect as giving no gift. Finding just the right balance is the key here.

Whenever we give gifts, no doubt, our main focus is to make our loved ones feel loved and cherished while strengthening the relationship. The only way to achieve this goal is via a thoughtful gift. Two things are achieved when you give such gifts;

  • One, it shows you listen. You’ve just given them a gift that showcases your attentiveness and care and shows that you value the relationship.
  • Two, a thoughtful gift improves your relationship with the receiver because, obviously, you’ve made them happy and given them something they’ve always wanted without having to ask. The bond that comes with this kind of experience is significant.


  • How To Ease Your Gift-Giving Anxiety

That special day for your loved one is fast approaching, and you have no idea what to get them. You feel like time is running out, and ideas and money are scarce. You can do with some inspiration and take away all the stress, don’t you?

Well, I’ve got to tell you to calm down and relax. If you are not being careful, you can easily be blown away by the anxiety of not knowing what to give. With every hour and moment passing by, it just continues to seem like every solution or idea wouldn’t be the right one. And this continues as you go on an inconclusive shopping trip going from one shop to the other. The stress of gift-giving at holidays and special events seems to spare almost no one, turning a tradition or special occasion into a burdensome duty. Why not loosen up and let the expression of emotional ties that bind you to the receiver lead the way?

The best thing you can do for yourself in this situation is to look inwards. Reflect on things they have mentioned in the past (one way or another, people always mention that one thing they would love to get). That’s your clue for a thoughtful and desirable gift. If all else fails, you can ask people around them like partners, friends, colleagues or siblings. You’d be shocked at the valuable information you can get from these people.


Features of a Good and Thoughtful Gift

Gift Giving Etiquette Guide

Ever received a gift and you’re totally in love with it? You must have thought how thoughtful of them to have given you such a wonderful and well-fit gift. It’s as if they could read your mind. Well, they literally did by anticipating what you might need and deeming you fit for their generosity. What distinguished those gifts and made them resonate with you so well?

The following are some of the most glaring features of a gift that sets them apart from the uninspiring ones:

  1. Functional: If you plan for your gift to leave a lasting impact on the recipient, think of an object that can be widely used over time and that the recipient will associate with you each time they use it. Useful gifts are always appreciated the most. So, if you want to make a memorable impact, opt for a functional gift.
  2. Thoughtful: It's no secret that the best gifts leave a lasting impression on the receiver and create a strong bond that strengthens the relationship. The only way to make this happen is by taking your time to figure out what it is that this person actually needs and will cherish. We’ve talked about easing the anxiety around giving gifts by looking out for tips that will help your decision-making. That way, you can arrive at a gift idea knowing that you’ve made an informed decision.
  3. Original: When you receive a gift that you can find almost everywhere, you may feel undervalued. Some people even interpret it as a lack of interest or dedication because we all love that element of mystery and that they make an effort to find a gift for us that’s truly unique. However, if you still choose to give away a trendy item, at least work on the form of presentation, packaging or delivery method. Make the gift stand out and memorable.
  4. Quality and durability: Who hasn't happened to give away an item of not-so-high quality to save cost, and that item ends up getting easily damaged? And to make amends for that, they ran to buy another gift. To avoid this discomfort, it is recommended that you invest in durable objects and thus avoid having to double-hit your pocket.

5 Personal: A little bit of personal touch doesn’t hurt. A gift that has a memory or moment attached to it in the form of asentimental value, such as a t-shirt with their favourite artist on it or their favourite summer holiday locations, will surely be warmly received.


How to Decide Which Gift to Give

Giving for the sake of it isn’t the best. To prevent and reduce waste on the part of the recipient, doing your due diligence is crucial. In this section, we’ll look at some personal questions to help reveal the perfect gift and help you make an incisive decision:

Which are they more in need of money or time?

For someone that’s “more short” on time, taking the time to prepare dinner and invite them over can make a huge difference. On the other hand, imagine gifting a gift card or a store voucher to someone that’s “less full” in the area of finances. I’m sure they will be deeply grateful for it. But I must point out, be careful to do it gracefully.

What dominates their shopping list?

Take note of their shopping pattern and things they are mostly drawn to. This will give you a brilliant clue as to their area of interest and things that catch their fancy. However, if they are not the shopping spree type of person, then this question isn’t just the one for you. Move over to the next one.

Any hobby or spare time activity?

Everyone has that thing we love to do in our free time, things that help us to decompress and enjoy the moment. That is what you should look out for. Are they an introvert or a movie personwho love their alone time? Get them a curated playlist, book or movie list to enjoy in their alone time. If your loved one is an extrovert that likes to soak in the moment and socialize, a date at their favorite sports team event is a bad idea.

Can you indulge their taste bud with their favorite snack?

Are you aware of any of their favorite snack? This is a great opportunity for you to treat them to something delicious that they will absolutely love.

Have they talked about buying something in the past?

If yes, go ahead and get them that thing. They will be surprised and feel loved at the same time. Not only does this show you care, but it also displays your listening capability. Not everyone can connect on that level. So why not take full advantage and stand out?


Deciding on a Budget for the Gift

Gift Giving Budget

Gift-giving has been a huge part of our cultural heritage; an act passed down ages and generations to foster relationships and show affection and care among loved ones. Even though it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, creating a budget for gift-giving helps you to allocate just the right amount of resources to one of the most important aspects of family life experience.

A separate bank account dedicated to this cause might help. As a rule of thumb, such an account should hold about 1%-5% of your income. Another way to stay on budget while giving gifts is to use money-saving apps that help cultivate a saving habit toward giving. Don’t forget to plan ahead as you can take advantage of discounts and cashback, effectively letting you have more money tobuy more gifts for your loved ones.

Office Parties and Colleagues' Birthday

Look out for the office precedent when it comes to gift giving and follow just that but make sure it's within your budget. You can always make your voice known if you feel a certain set tone is way above your limit.

Holiday Gifts

Looking out for holiday discounts before the season is a great way to budget for gift-giving ahead of the season. Another great pointer for holiday budgets is to take stock of previous years and find a suitable estimate.

Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a great avenue to give great and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. Nothing too elaborate or out of the ordinary should do. Invariably, a budget of around $100 should be enough depending on whether the wedded are acquaintances, friends, or relatives.


Look Out for the following Caveats When Giving Gifts

Having learned some rules you need to follow when choosing gifts to avoid awkward situations, what else do you need to remember when you go to the store for a gift:

  1. Do not give very expensive gifts to colleagues or friends of your friends, that is, those who are not part of your closest social circle. Expensive gifts will look uncouth and inappropriate. The best gift, in this case, is a bouquet or a basket of flowers. Such a gift will delight both sexes equally.
  2. Men shouldn't give their partner cooking utensils. Unless, of course, it was the wife who asked for it. By giving your wife another pan or saucepan, you seem to suggest that her place is exclusively in the kitchen.
  3. It is also not customary to give clothing or underwear to women. You can only afford to do so to people you are intimate or very close to.
  4. Cosmetics and perfumes are often objects that are presented as gifts to girlfriends, loved ones, and wives. If you do not know the recipient's tastes, then it is better to refrain from such a gift.
  5. It is believed that one cannot give a watch of any caliber to loved ones and friends: wrist, wall, pocket, alarm clock, etc. It is unknown where this custom comes from, but donating watches often leads to separation.


What Can You Give?

Research and surveys show that 80% of people are unsatisfied with the gifts they receive on various occasions. Therefore, as we have pointed out earlier, you might ask your loved ones in advance what they would like to receive. Perhaps, instead of expensive jewelry, your wife will want to see a paid annual membership to a fitness club in a gift box or a lovely spa date. And a man will be satisfied with some premium electronic gadgets instead of another perfumery set.

For official gifts and presentations to unfamiliar people, it is better to choose universal and democratic objects - flowers, souvenirs, inexpensive paintings, or decorative panels. Flowers can be ordered in the shop and sent to the hero of the occasion by courier. In this case, do not forget to include a small postcard with congratulation and your name so the recipient knows who he is receiving the bouquet from.


How to Give a Gift to a Distant Person

Gift Giving 101

The reasons you can't deliver a gift in person and spend a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasionswith your loved one can be the most varied.But giving a gift is also a way to feel close even when you are physically far away. The right gift at the right time can help reduce distances and transmit our affection to a loved one who lives far from us.Parents, brother or sister, friends, grandchildren, etc ... no problem! Choosing the gift online and sending it home to a friend or relative who lives in another city has become very easy.

The ideas I present to you today are useful for making a remote Christmas or birthday gift or even a nice surprise to a person who lives near you if, for some reason, you cannotdeliver it in person.

How to give a gift from a distance? Here are four quick ideas for you:

  • Send a custom metal sign with
  • Send a bouquet of flowers or a plant
  • Send a dinner or dessert
  • Send a gift card


Send a custom home décor gift with customizeddeco

Our dedicated website can help with custom metal signs that are a perfect fit for wedding, housewarming anniverssaries and just because gifts. We’ve got a wide choice of designs, including many not found in other big brands. It is also possible to have the metal sign delivered directly to the recipient. Hence, it is a great solution if you need to give a gift from a distance. 

Send a bouquet of flowers or a plant

If, on the other hand, you prefer to give flowers, you can rely on stores, where you will find a huge selection of floral and plant compositions, as well as sparkling wine, cakes, teddy bears, food specialities, and more to add to your gift.

Send a dinner or dessert

Food delivery services make it super easy to surprise a distant friend! You can choose from the restaurants in their area and have them deliver a full dinner, pizza, sushi, burgers, a birthday cake, or ice cream directly to your home ... in short, you are spoiled for choice!

Send a gift card

The gift card may seem like a little personal gift, but this gift choice is often very welcome. Many gift vouchers can be purchased online and sent directly to the recipient via email or post.

Now you know how to surprise a distant friend or relative for a birthday, Christmas, graduation or a wedding, and any other important occasion!For other gift ideas, I invite you to visit our showcase at, where you can find stunning metal signs decor either for your home or as gift for hosewarming, wedding or just because.

How to Wrap the Gift

Gift Wrapping

Once the search for the perfect gift has been completed, why not amaze with an original, creative, elegant, and also very chic package? According to Japanese culture, wrapping and presenting a gift properly is more important than buying it. Making a gift package is practically a ritual for the Japanese.

Therefore, wrapping the gift means protecting, improving, and hiding it to make it "surprising" and enticing for the receiver. The packaging can be made with paper and fabric.The most important thing is to create a beautiful package that captures the heart of your loved ones and makes them feel truly special.


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